imageI prefer lamb mince but this can also be done with beef.

Blend an onion and garlic cloves in a hand blender and put in a large mixing bowl, add fresh rosemary, dried basil, oregano, mixed herbs and seasoning of your choice, one large egg and a large spoon of Total Greek Full Fat yoghurt.  Add 500g mince and mix well.  Roll mince into balls and flatten slightly on a non-stick baking tray.  Cook for 30 mins on approx 180 degrees.  I tend to transfer the burgers to a fresh tray half way through cooking as a lot of fat and juices come out and they can get a bit soggy

You can also try adding chopped chilli to the mixture, or making a well in the centre of your burger and adding some grated cheese or stilton and then covering with mince for a tasty surprise inside the burger.

I like to serve with courgette chips, on a cheesey bun with salad and a side of tzatziki.


Mix Total Greek Full Fat yoghurt, tbsp lemon juice, chopped, cucumber, mint and tsp olive oil.   Season well.

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