If you eat enough fat and protein (cheese, eggs, meat etc) you shouldn’t feel hungry, but if you burn a lot of energy or you do have the munchies it’s good to have a few ideas of Keto friendly snacks.

Nuts are great and easy to have a stash in your bag for emergencies, be careful which nuts you have as some are quite high in carbs.  Lowest carb nuts are walnuts, brasils, almonds, pecans, coconut.
Stay away from cashews, pistachios, macadamias, (these are ok on rare occasions so not an absolute no no but best to stick to the ok list above).

Pork Scratchings
These are a great alternative to crisps and come in plain, salty, chilli flavours.

Courgette Chips
Delicious as a cheeky snack or as an accompaniment to any meal.

Sticks of celery, cucumber and pepper with cream cheese.  (Carrots and humous are a no no).

Salami Sandwich
Spread a circle of salami with cream cheese and fold, a great instant snack!

Oaty Biscuits
Alternative to a shop bought cereal bar.

Cheese is good for filling you up quickly, many supermarkets sell individually wrapped cheese from cheddar, red leicester, edam the fat in this will fill you up quickly.  I also sandwiching some cheddar inbetween 2 pecans!

Raspberry Muffin
Afternoon tea and cake sorted!

Cheesey Bun
Cold or toasted with just butter or your favourite Keto filling.

Protein Shake
Quick and easy and filled with protein and vitamins to fill you up – my favourite and most low carb is USN Pure Protein GF-1 1000 g Strawberry Growth and Repair Protein Shake (best price is on Amazon).

If you have that chocolate craving, try Lindt 85% or 90% dark chocolate, one square will curb the craving.

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