Chicken Kiev


Chicken breast
Parma ham
Dried grated parmesan


Butterfly the chicken breast by using a sharp knife to cut length ways and then make cuts off this centre cut outwards (make sure the cuts do not go all the way through the chicken).  Then cover with clingfilm and bash with a rolling pin to flatten the chicken until it is thin.
In a bowl mix cubes of butter, chopped mozzerlla and garlic, squeeze into balls and lay in the middle of each chicken breast.  Wrap the chicken around the filling and then wrap the chicken with parma ham.

For the crust, mix dried grated parmesan with olive oil to make a paste-like consistancy.  Cover each breast with mixture.

Place on a baking tray at 190 (fan oven) for around 30 mins until golden and juices of chicken run clear.

Whilst the chicken is cooking, blitz the cauliflower to rice like consistance, put in a microwave container with a steam hole and microwave for 3 mins, fluff with a fork and repeat until cooked.
Lightly fry the onions until soft, add a cube of butter and onions to cauliflower, season and microwave for 2 mins and fluff with fork.

Lightly fry the leeks in butter until soft.

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