Beef Hot Pot


Bring meet to room temperature.
Sear your beef joint, I used silverside, and remove from pot.
Chop all your veg, I used, celery, leeks, red onion, red pepper, chestnut mushrooms and lightly fry in meat juices, I like to add paprika to the veg at this stage, add the beef back into the pot of veg and add 1 pint of stock, I’ve used beef stock.  Add a cup of red wine and season, I like to use salt, pepper, rosemary, mixed herbs.

Put into a pre-heated oven at 140 degrees, for a 4lb joint I put it in for 3hrs 45 mins.  Stir occasionally.
Remove and let it rest for at least 30 mins before carving.  Remove the meat and boil up the sauce to thicken.  A spoon of Prewett’s oatbran can be added as a thickener if desired.

Serve with cauliflower/brocolli mash or your choice of Keto veg.

Cauliflower/brocolli Mash
Boil the florets, drain thoroughly, add salt pepper, large spoonful of cream cheese (and grated cheddar if desired) blend with a hand blender to desired consistancy.

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